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Use Tai Chi to Help Manage Your Body After Weight Loss Surgery

Tai chi after weight loss surgery

Tai chi is an excellent form of exercise, which is considered generally safe for most people to practice. Photo courtesy University of Southern Mississippi.

By William H. Streetman

Gastric bypass is a tool to aid us in learning to manage our bodies – the food we put into them and the physical demands we make of them. The goal is successfully managing our weight, health and happiness.

My success with weight loss and ongoing weight management is directly tied to the concept of learning to become the manager of myself –putting my body in positions necessary to garner the nutrition required for body and brain to function.

One body-management resource I’ve found useful is the study of tai chi, which I highly recommend.

Often described as meditation in motion, tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition practiced today as a non-competitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching.

Tai chi utilizes gentle, fluid movements performed in a slow, focused way, accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring your body is in constant motion.

Tai chi is low impact. It puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for folks of all ages and fitness levels. It’s an ideal form of exercise for those who haven’t ever exercised or who, because of their weight and physical condition, are unable to undertake other forms of exercise.

Benefits of tai chi include, increased:

  • Flexibility, balance and agility
  • Muscle strength and definition
  • Energy and stamina

Evidence also revels tai chi may:

  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Enhance the immune system

How Can Tai Chi Help You Manage Your Journey to Fitness?

In addition to the pure physical benefits derived from the movement of tai chi, I’ve found the discipline of learning to put my body into exact and specific positions has provided me with a skill set I can easily translate to managing my diet and nutritional needs:

  • The principles of tai chi can be applied to help me plan what to put into my body and when
  • The discipline of practicing tai chi helps me maintain discipline in not only what I eat but how, where, and when I exercise
  • The balance tai chi provides helps me balance my life-style activities to make sure I pay proper attention to maintaining my healthy weight through diet and exercise

I believe the lesson my experience with tai chi teaches is: When you learn to master one aspect of yourself, such as placing yourself in tai chi positions, you learn about managing other aspects of your life as well – all to your greater good.




Guest Blogger William H. Streetman

Bill is a writer/blogger and frequent speaker on the topic of living healthfully after gastric bypass. Following his surgery in Oct. 2010, he successfully lost over 200 pounds, has kept it off for nearly four years, and enthusiastically shares the story of his new life with others. Visit Bill’s website, www.WHS-NewLife.com




About the author

Laurie Lee Dovey

LLD is a writer, photographer, marketing and media consultant, hunter, angler, RVer, sports nut, poker player, and wife.


  1. Catherine Felix

    I recently had to under go a pretty intense bariatric surgery. The whole process leading up to the surgery was traumatic for obvious reasons. I don’t want to go into too much detail but during my surgery, my team used a FAW blanket called the Bair Hugger and it helped so much with my post surgical recovery. I credit my super quick recovery to the blanket. I was able to get back to exercising in no time. I have been able to lose the weight faster because I was able to start my exercise routine quickly after surgery. Here are some facts about the system http://www.bairhuggerfacts.com

    1. Laurie Lee Dovey

      Thanks for sharing Catherine. Upon visiting the page, I became skeptical because 3M is on the defense, right on the home page of the site. This comment
      3M FAW blanket Bair Hugger
      made me immediately ask, “Hmmm, what’s gone wrong in the past. Are there lawsuits against the product/company?”

      Love that you had great success with it. Did your doctor make the decision for you to have it?

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