Feb 27

How Much Weight Will I Lose After Weight-Loss Surgery?

Determining your potential weight loss from weight-loss surgery is simple math, based on success data — averages for all procedures, not just gastric bypass. Gastric-bypass patients generally enjoy the most weight loss, even a little higher than the average used below.

Results are based on your weight at two years post surgery.

I enjoyed doing the math on my own, using the steps below. The anticipation was fun.

Identify Your Ideal Weight

Use this calculator. Trust me, you don’t want to try to do this math.

Calculate Your Excess Weight

Subtract your ideal weight from your current weight.

275 (current) – 148 (ideal) = 127 (excess)

Figure Your Expected Weight Loss

Multiply your excess weight by 70 percent (data shows this is the average amount of excess weight loss over all procedures).

127 (excess) x .70 (percent) = 88.9 (expected weight loss)

happy heavy woman

Can you imagine your life?

Determine, Joyfully, Your Post Weight-Loss-Surgery Weight

Subtract the expected weight loss from your current weight. Voila!

275 (current) – 88.9 (expected) = 186 is your expected post-surgery weight.


If you just hate math, here’s the immediate answer calculator.




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