May 29

First Choice – Family Doctor or Bariatric Clinic for the Months of Weight Loss Surgery Prep

So, you’re considering weight loss surgery and your insurance company requires you to go through several months of preparation before you can be approved for the procedure.

Your weight loss surgery preparation choices are:

  • Work with a weight management group and endure a least one 60- to 90- minute class, with people you don’t know, at least once a month or
  • Simply visit with your family doctor monthly in preparation

For me, the choice seemed as simple as tying my shoe.

Weight Loss Surgery Preparation Seminars

I didn’t like the idea of pre-packaged classes – boring, not helpful. Boy, was I ignorant. I learned more than I could have imagined.

I had little extra time, didn’t like the idea of pre-planned classes that probably wouldn’t pertain to me or offered info I’d heard a million times, and didn’t want to parade my personal situation, especially my obesity, in front of people I’d never met.

Today, eight months after my weight loss surgery, looking back, I’m so grateful I made the right initial choice.

I, ultimately, chose to go through the Weight Management Center at the Conemaugh Memorial Medial Center (Johnstown, Pa.) not my physician. The main reason was I could get through the process a few months quicker than I would going to my primary care doctor. I’m not a patient person.

In hind sight, saving a few weeks was the least of the reasons I made the right decision.

Today, I know for a fact, the decision to work with the weight management team from day one, was and is a monstrous part of my success. It also will be the key to my continued success.

All along, I’ve had a team of folks caring for me. I’ve been able to see I wasn’t alone in the fight – my classmates were in it with me. Best of all, I’ve been educated. And, oh my, there was so much I didn’t know or understand – and still so much more to learn.

General benefits of working with a weight management center/team are:

  1. Taking advantage of a proven program
  2. Shortening the time from getting started through the surgery process by getting to know your surgical team and their requirements from day one
  3. Having access to dietitians, nurses and other support, not just working with the surgeon
  4. Accessing emotional, not just medical, support
  5. Becoming familiar with the surgeon and support staff, for enhanced confidence
  6. Garnering ongoing, even daily, help/advice if/when needed
  7. Enjoying friendships and encouragement, and
  8. Building the foundation of knowledge and commitment necessary to succeed

Do you agree with my point of view? Or, did you work successfully with only a primary care physician as you prepped for your surgery?



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