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Mar 13

You Have to Stop Losing Weight, NOW

“You have to stop losing weight,” my nurse said. “If you lose any more your insurance may not approve your surgery.” The date was my four-month visit, of my six-month pre-gastric-bypass-surgery program. The problem was my BMI (body mass index) and the success I was having with my supervised pre-op program. I’d lost weight, which was necessary for …

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Feb 26

Why Do I Still Look Fat When I Look in the Mirror?

I look in the mirror, what do I see? I see me at 243 (or 303 or 423). When I stand on the scale, what do I see? I see I weigh just 123. When I reach in the closet, what do I grab? Always the flowing, body-hiding outfit that looks like a bag. The …

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Jan 07

Food Addiction – Six Tips to Beat It

“I worry most about those who say they don’t have a bad relationship with food.” When my weight-loss-surgery support group’s visiting psychiatrist Dr. Aileen Oandasan made that statement, I thought, “Phew, I’m safe. I know I have a problem with food. I know I have an addiction.” Seriously? What a bunch of bunk. Truth be told, …

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Jul 18

Post Weight-Loss Surgery Clothes Shopping — Are You a Fashionista?

For years, hell decades, I: Bought big shirts that hung out over my elastic waistband pants Never bought a dress Lost all desire to wear makeup or try to look great Hated to go to outside events — unless I could wear stretch jeans and a big denim shirt I felt this way, right up to …

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Jun 23

Hair Loss After Weight-Loss Surgery

I’m one of the lucky ones. I did not suffer hair loss after my gastric bypass surgery (yet). But, many of the folks I interact with daily who also have had bariatric surgery have experienced hair loss. What’s up with that? Without getting too technical or deep into the medical side of the issue, hair …

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