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Oct 28

Here I Sit, Terrified of Gaining Weight After Weight Loss Surgery

Yep, here I sit — terrified. Old habits are emerging. Old, bad eating habits. They can only mean one thing, weight gain. Yep, here I sit — terrified. After a year of relentless adherence to the keys to success after gastric bypass, I’m slipping. Slipping back into the bad habits and poor choices of obesity, like: An …

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May 08

Complications of Weight Loss Surgery – Gallbladder Problems

I’d just eaten lunch when the discomfort started. Sharp pain was flaring up under my right -side rib cage. I was feeling nauseous and having back pain too. I was sure I’d overeaten and thus the discomfort. After 30 minutes, the pain increased in intensity. I called my weight management team nurse. Linda said, “Oh, …

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Sep 11

Ice is Your Friend When Prepping for Gastric Bypass Surgery

It’s just day three of my 10-day, all-liquid diet in prep for gastric bypass surgery. I’m allowed three protein shakes a day, all the sugar- free liquid items I want like Crystal Light and clear broth, sugar-free popsicles and Jello, and diet soda. But, I quit drinking soda about a year ago, so it’s not …

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Sep 08

The Last Supper – Surgery Prep

√ Six months of education. Check. √ Psychological preparation. Check. √ Insurance decision. Check. √ Surgery scheduled. Check. √ Ten-day down countdown, starts tomorrow. Check. √ My last supper. Here I go. Because I’m still unable to understand how I will feel post surgery, about eating, hunger levels and favorite foods, all I can do tonight is choose a last supper …

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