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Oct 28

Here I Sit, Terrified of Gaining Weight After Weight Loss Surgery

Yep, here I sit — terrified. Old habits are emerging. Old, bad eating habits. They can only mean one thing, weight gain. Yep, here I sit — terrified. After a year of relentless adherence to the keys to success after gastric bypass, I’m slipping. Slipping back into the bad habits and poor choices of obesity, like: An …

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Sep 12

Even I’m a Doubting Thomas Regarding My Gastric Bypass Surgery

I’ve known for a several years gastric bypass surgery was a real option for me. I’d lost and gained 20 pounds scores of times. I tried hard to keep the pounds off, but always failed. But, I still thought I could lose on my own, and I wasn’t at 300 pounds. I really felt I …

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