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Mar 13

You Have to Stop Losing Weight, NOW

“You have to stop losing weight,” my nurse said. “If you lose any more your insurance may not approve your surgery.” The date was my four-month visit, of my six-month pre-gastric-bypass-surgery program. The problem was my BMI (body mass index) and the success I was having with my supervised pre-op program. I’d lost weight, which was necessary for …

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Sep 03

The Ups and Downs of the Pre-Gastric Bypass Surgery Weight Loss Preparation

Rule one: In this program, the doctor expects you to lose at least 10-percent of your body weight during this six-month prep period. To do that, you’re going on a 1,200-calorie-per-day eating regiment. That was my dietitian instructing me at my first gastric bypass preparatory session. I was excited to think about a 10-percent weight loss, but …

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