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Jan 13

Lack of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals Cause Issues for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

My hair is falling out. I’m exhausted. I’m getting leg cramps. I bruise so easily. These challenges aren’t faced only by weight-loss-surgery (WLS) patients. However, we WLS patients have a higher risk of facing these challenges due to our small amount of food intake and malabsorption. So, we’ve gotta focus. Focus on protein and a hard-core …

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Jul 04

Use Tai Chi to Help Manage Your Body After Weight Loss Surgery

By William H. Streetman Gastric bypass is a tool to aid us in learning to manage our bodies – the food we put into them and the physical demands we make of them. The goal is successfully managing our weight, health and happiness. My success with weight loss and ongoing weight management is directly tied …

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