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Sep 30

7 Common Weight-Loss Surgery Nutritional Problems and Prevention Tips

Weight-loss surgery (WLS)  patients who promote the belief that surgery and life after are bliss are, in my opinion, either the luckiest people around or are not telling the whole truth. Living life post WLS takes effort and there are bumps in the road. I also believe successes and challenges are primarily related to nutrition. I’m …

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Jun 23

Hair Loss After Weight-Loss Surgery

I’m one of the lucky ones. I did not suffer hair loss after my gastric bypass surgery (yet). But, many of the folks I interact with daily who also have had bariatric surgery have experienced hair loss. What’s up with that? Without getting too technical or deep into the medical side of the issue, hair …

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Nov 18

Fear of Flying: Traveling After Weight-Loss Surgery

I’m eight weeks post weight-loss surgery. I still struggle during my regular daily routine to get my vitamins, protein and water (VPW) down, on time and in the correct amounts. So, this trip (yes, I’m stuck at the airport right now, as we speak), caused me some consternation. Lots of restaurant meals, airplanes, getting stuck …

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