Sep 12

Even I’m a Doubting Thomas Regarding My Gastric Bypass Surgery

Who's right?

Who’s right?

I’ve known for a several years gastric bypass surgery was a real option for me. I’d lost and gained 20 pounds scores of times.

I tried hard to keep the pounds off, but always failed.

But, I still thought I could lose on my own, and I wasn’t at 300 pounds. I really felt I was pretty healthy, but for the extra 80 pounds. Argh, life in America.

The wake up call — an abnormal stress test followed by placement of a heart stent in my LAD (left anterior descending) artery, better known as the widow maker. That was Aug. 2012 and the time I decided to change my life.

Unfortunately, when I called my hospital’s weight loss clinic in October 2012, the first opening for them to see me and evaluate my situation was Jan. 2013. At that meeting, they couldn’t get me into an educational workshop until mid March 2013. I was frustrated and discouraged.

The first educational session, of the six month pre-surgery program, was led by my physician, Dr. Patrick Gatmaitan. I was so excited. Dr.  G. solidified my decision to change my lifestyle, change radically, and get help to do it. Finally, I was on the path to a new life.

Six months, minus 24 pounds, and many tests later, I was more excited than ever. I’d learned so much about food, gastric bypass surgery options, making good eating choices, and the fact that bypass surgery was most likely the only way for me to meet my goal of losing 50 to 60 pounds, and keeping it off to live longer.

I couldn’t wait to schedule my surgery, which we did immediately. Sept. 19, 2013.

Doubting My Surgery Decision a Week Out

Today, eight days before surgery, I’m vacillating. In fact, right now I’m sitting in the hospital waiting room tapping my feet in anticipation of meeting with the hospital team for my pre-op visit.

How will I live without perogies?

How will I live without pierogis?

What’s the problem?

Trying to understand how I will feel on Sept. 19th, when the surgery is completed. How will I not crave my favorite bad foods? How will I be able to say no? I only know what I feel right now. I’d love to have a nice plate of perogies (my favorite Polish food).

I can hear the dietitian saying, “LLD, you won’t be hungry.” How’s that possible? I’m always hungry. I love pizza. Chocolate is such a dear friend. A nice-sized plate of food is my norm.

I’m motivated for the surgery, but my husband lost 160 pounds on his own, so why can’t I?

One of my best friends just told me I can do this without the surgery. So, why do I need it? Am I coping out?

Well, the differences between shutting off the food flow with surgery compared to without the surgery are:

  1. Medical history proves I won’t be as hungry, even though we don’t understand how that’s possible
  2. I won’t be able to eat as much, because my stomach won’t handle it
  3. I’ll have a better chance of dealing with my bad eating habits and maintaining my weight loss, because I’ll have lifetime medical attention focused on my needs and my situation
  4. Getting this weight off is the key, along with a good food plan and exercise, to preventing further heart disease. I can’t go on carrying 80 extra pounds. If I can lose it, I’m committed to keeping it off

So, I’m going to lean on another friend’s encouragement. She said, “I’m so proud of you for seeking help.”

Thanks, Susie.



About the author

Laurie Lee Dovey

LLD is a writer, photographer, marketing and media consultant, hunter, angler, RVer, sports nut, poker player, and wife.


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  1. Kristen Joy

    I have been in search of a great place to blog(something I’ve never done!). What are the odds that I click on this site, and the very first entry I read is yours, someone whose New Life began the exact same day as mine did, on September 19th, 2013!!! I feel like we are kindred spirits! I will spending time today checking this site out and possibly creating my blog. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Laurie Lee Dovey

      Hi Kristen. We are kindred spirits. As to blogging, if you don’t want to go through the hassles and costs of developing your own site/blog, we allows for guest bloggers to make posts through GastricBypassJournals.com. That’s why it’s journals with an S. That means you can blog here when you want but don’t have to feel compelled to keep a blog going with daily content. You simply join our group of bloggers. If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, let me know.

  2. Sharon Boney

    Great blog, Laurie. And I am behind you 100% with your new journey. We will be weight loss partners together. Although you will lose faster than I will I still need a partner. Even tho I have lost 55, I still have to lose 45 to meet my lifetime goal. Praying for you.

    1. Laurie Lee Dovey

      Thanks Sharon. Although I will lose faster our lifetime commitment must remain the same. We have to eat right, get our vitamins/minerals, and exercise daily. So, I’m glad to have you as a partner.

      What you have done is phenomenal and the program you are on is working for you. Is Weight Watchers emphasizing to you the absolute importance of getting enough protein every day so your muscles can continue to burn fat?

      In the world of gastric bypass – post surgery we must take in 60 grams of protein every day if we want to stay healthy and lose weight.

      Stay in touch here or on Facebook. We’re in it ’til we win it.

  3. Velvet B

    Hello, I am getting surgery on wednesday, will need help for support on this journey. I will apreciate any info regarding it.

    1. Laurie Lee Dovey

      Hi V:

      Be excited, yet thoughtful and careful. Listen to your doctors and take care of you first. Post surgery healing physically and mentally takes some time. Let us know how you do. We’re here to support any way we can. Good luck. Here’s to your new life. Cheers, LLD

      1. Velvet B


  4. Lois W.

    I am so glad I found this site! I had bypass surgery on 12/3/13. My family has been very supportive of my journey, but it’s good to get connected with others who have traveled or are traveling the same road as me. I feel that I have had a great day if I can get my vitamins and water in that day! Speaking of vitamins, does anyone else have to choke down theirs? LW

    1. Laurie Lee Dovey

      Hi Lois:

      Congratulations on your new life path. Connecting with others is simply the key to success. So welcome. We’re glad you’re here. As to vitamins, yep even after five months I struggle with my vitamins. Are you taking individual vitamins with your other prescriptions or are you taking one big chewable that takes care of much of your needs like Bariatric Fusion? As to your vitamins and water, getting them in daily is a key. You’re focusing on an important part of the journey.

  5. Courtney

    Hi im struggling with my decition to get WLS im 1 day way from my surgery date and im having doubts like crazy,i love food and i dont know how i will feel being restricted from yhe things i love i feel like i could loss the weight on my own if i try 100%

    1. Laurie Lee Dovey

      Your feelings are complex and important, so don’t feel slighted when I say we’ve all felt the same way. However, if you could lose the weight wouldn’t you have done so already? Did you lose a lot of weight during your pre-surgery prep time? If not, are you simply trying to talk yourself out of the surgery and cave into your addiction (to food). Again, we’re all addicted. All I can tell you is — as tough as it can be to go through this process, living is worth it. Obesity kills. In addition, you don’t have to give up food. You’ll just eat differently. If you’re this unsure, I wonder if you shouldn’t call your surgeon and talk with him/her. You may need a little more time or even the help of a psychologist. I would never turn back after my surgery — and I had a rough time for a long time. But, we’re not all the same. You can put the surgery off for a month or two to seek support and help.

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