Oct 28

Here I Sit, Terrified of Gaining Weight After Weight Loss Surgery

Yep, here I sit — terrified.

Old habits are emerging. Old, bad eating habits. They can only mean one thing, weight gain.

Yep, here I sit — terrified.

Overweight woman eating in front of TV

Identifying problems and dealing with them is critical to staying on track. Deal with it, don’t ignore it.

After a year of relentless adherence to the keys to success after gastric bypass, I’m slipping. Slipping back into the bad habits and poor choices of obesity, like:

  • An irregular eating schedule
  • Not eating my first meal until late in the day
  • Mindless (slow) snacking in front of the TV
  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Sneaking bad foods into my life, in small seemingly harmless bites
  • Not getting enough protein, which helps keep me full
  • Failing to use MyFitnessPal everyday to track every morsel I take in
  • Failing to connect enough with my dietitian or in-person support group
  • Not following the advise I give others

Yep, here I sit — terrified.

Problem Identified – Deal With It – 1, 2, 3

  1. Repattern Life: Get back to eating three meals and one snack. Set alarms as reminders to eat and heed them.
  2. Seek Support: Go to a person-to-person support group, talk with the dietitian ask a family member to step in and help.
  3. Remember the Old You: Conjure up the image of the old you. Remember the health issues, aches and pains, inability to enjoy life and self loathing. Remember the excitement of the day of surgery.

Here I sit — with the power to control my life and all the tools I need to never go back.



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Laurie Lee Dovey

LLD is a writer, photographer, marketing and media consultant, hunter, angler, RVer, sports nut, poker player, and wife.

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