Nov 18

Fear of Flying: Traveling After Weight-Loss Surgery

I’m eight weeks post weight-loss surgery. I still struggle during my regular daily routine to get my vitamins, protein and water (VPW) down, on time and in the correct amounts. So, this trip (yes, I’m stuck at the airport right now, as we speak), caused me some consternation.

Lots of restaurant meals, airplanes, getting stuck — how would I handle the whole VPW challenge, with all of this and a back-breaking schedule thrown in just for fun?

The Boy Scouts of America have the plan down. Be prepared.

Weekly pill organizers are helpful to weight loss surgery patients.

Planning and organization make traveling while keeping up with your healthy lifestyle possible.


  1. Week’s worth of pills in container by day and time per day
  2. Protein bars – high in protein, lowest possible in fat and sugar, in suitcase and carry on
  3. Water bottle in carry on
  4. Thoughts about restaurant foods and what I can, and still can not have. Breakfast, a protein bar (15 gr protein). Lunch grilled chicken breast with slice of cheese. Dinner grilled fish.


  1. Flights cancelled. Airports have few places to get truly grilled foods. Did I bring enough bars?
  2. Restaurants. May call grilled foods those prepared on flat grills with plenty of oil/fat. What else can I have?
  3. Busy schedule. Simply remembering to drink enough when I can, stop drinking when I must to eat and thereafter.
  4. Vitamins/Meds. Forgetting to bring along a one-day carrier, so I don’t have to try to fit this in a coat pocket or small pocketbook.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out.


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