May 16

Clean Up Your Act – You’ll Be Surprised

girl eating cookie secret guilty

Curiosity or food addiction? Be honest.

I’m sure there are many of you who stick to the rules. I did for two years. I never waivered.

Then, I fell prey to what many weight-loss-surgery patients encounter — curiosity. What might I be able to eat, that’s a no-no?

A little:

  • Chocolate
  • Bread
  • Cookies

As I pushed the limits more and more, I seemed to get a little accustomed to the discomfort that came with the type of eating — fueling my food addiction.

A little:

  • Gastric distress
  • Sweats
  • Diarrhea

Not until I decided to change my diet,  for other reasons than weight or my gastric bypass surgery, did I realize how miserable I really was. I was not only cheating on what I ate, but how much and how fast.

After a week of only fresh protein, veggies and fruits, I was feeling great. Energetic, no discomfort or runs to the bathroom. No cramps. I slept well.

woman eating pizza

Jumping ship. No, no, no. Why feel crappy when you can feel great?

Then I jumped ship again. Last night I has some pizza — not with cauliflower crust and good ingredients, but fast food pizza. Within an hour, the sweats started. I was just an unhappy camper then and this morning.

But, I was also struck by clarity. A clean diet is simply wonderful from every aspect. When I eat right, I feel great. And, I’m not guilty every minute, so I’m mentally healthier too.

So, I’m cleaning up my act. Maybe you ought to try it and see if you’re also pleasantly surprised.



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Laurie Lee Dovey

LLD is a writer, photographer, marketing and media consultant, hunter, angler, RVer, sports nut, poker player, and wife.

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