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May 29

First Choice – Family Doctor or Bariatric Clinic for the Months of Weight Loss Surgery Prep

So, you’re considering weight loss surgery and your insurance company requires you to go through several months of preparation before you can be approved for the procedure. Your weight loss surgery preparation choices are: Work with a weight management group and endure a least one 60- to 90- minute class, with people you don’t know, …

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May 25

Another Bout With Ileus – After Galbladder Removal

Earlier this month, I reported I might need gallbladder surgery. I visited with a new doctor and surgeon in Cape Canaveral, my second home. We set forth a plan . . . that never was put into action. While visiting my family in Western Pennsylvania, I had another gallbladder attack and headed to the ER …

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Mar 03

Eating in Restaurants After Weight Loss Surgery

Eating out after weight loss surgery can be a challenge. I even find just getting a server to understand I really don’t want a drink with my meal is a chore. In addition, Menus (rarely) list the nutritional value of food/dishes The amount of food served is way more than you can eat, which might …

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Oct 19

Know the Facts About Obesity in America

  Learning the facts about obesity in America, helps us to understand what obesity is and means to each of us. The following fact sheet, “Obesity in America,” is provided by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS). The red numbers listed in chronological order are the references to the sources of the …

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