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Feb 27

How Much Weight Will I Lose After Weight-Loss Surgery?

Determining your potential weight loss from weight-loss surgery is simple math, based on success data — averages for all procedures, not just gastric bypass. Gastric-bypass patients generally enjoy the most weight loss, even a little higher than the average used below. Results are based on your weight at two years post surgery. I enjoyed doing the …

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Jul 18

Post Weight-Loss Surgery Clothes Shopping — Are You a Fashionista?

For years, hell decades, I: Bought big shirts that hung out over my elastic waistband pants Never bought a dress Lost all desire to wear makeup or try to look great Hated to go to outside events — unless I could wear stretch jeans and a big denim shirt I felt this way, right up to …

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Jul 04

Use Tai Chi to Help Manage Your Body After Weight Loss Surgery

By William H. Streetman Gastric bypass is a tool to aid us in learning to manage our bodies – the food we put into them and the physical demands we make of them. The goal is successfully managing our weight, health and happiness. My success with weight loss and ongoing weight management is directly tied …

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Jun 23

Hair Loss After Weight-Loss Surgery

I’m one of the lucky ones. I did not suffer hair loss after my gastric bypass surgery (yet). But, many of the folks I interact with daily who also have had bariatric surgery have experienced hair loss. What’s up with that? Without getting too technical or deep into the medical side of the issue, hair …

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May 29

My Weight Loss Surgery Light-Bulb Moment

Although I was not faced with suffering from obesity all my life, I did have weight issues, even as a teenager. Then as a college student, I hit size 14. After that 16. I managed to stop my weight gain in my mid-twenties, not using healthy measures, and stayed thin through my 30’s. Finally, the …

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