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May 29

First Choice – Family Doctor or Bariatric Clinic for the Months of Weight Loss Surgery Prep

So, you’re considering weight loss surgery and your insurance company requires you to go through several months of preparation before you can be approved for the procedure. Your weight loss surgery preparation choices are: Work with a weight management group and endure a least one 60- to 90- minute class, with people you don’t know, …

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Mar 25

Biggest Hurdles of Weight Loss Surgery are Psychological

I am fortunate in that my insurance doesn’t have the number of requirements for bariatric surgery many other insurance companies do. So far, there hasn’t been a mention of the six-months of medically supervised weight loss most require, even though I ask about it every time I speak to the insurance company. But, I have …

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Mar 12

Why I Made the Decision to Have Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

After pondering the idea for several years, I finally came to the decision recently that weight loss surgery is the right answer for me. While I completely understand and respect that surgery isn’t the only or best answer for everyone, it is the answer for me. There are several things that have happened recently that …

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Dec 04

Facts About Weight Loss Surgery – Safety and Risks

There are risks with any surgery. You’ve heard doctors say that time and time again. But, how safe or risky is weight loss surgery? We researched the facts for you. We turned to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS). The sources ADMBS used for this fact sheet are available through ASMBS. Review the references/sources for this fact …

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Oct 14

Don’t Get Sucker Punched by Weight Loss Surgery – Research & Ask Questions

Don’t Get Blindsided by Gastric Bypass Surgery

“You’ll be out of the hospital in two days.”
“You can do this.”
“You’ll be so happy with you decision.”

I was out in a week.
I’m not sure I can. I’ve had such a tough time.
I’ve said this was the worst decision I’ve ever made more times than anyone wants to know.

I wasn’t misled by my medical team. I didn’t do enough research or ask enough questions. And, for a person who researches and asks questions for a living, I have to wonder what others might go through.

I thought I was totally prepared for this surgery and this journey.

I was not. I’m not sure I am now.

The cliche misery loves company, needs to be altered in the case of weight loss surgery. Misery needs affirmation.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed. Keeping up my liquid and protein was impossible. Nothing was working for me. I didn’t know what I needed to do — stay hydrated or focus on liquids.

I went to Google for exactly the same reason I started this blog. I needed to hear from others.

I landed on a story of a woman who was explaining my struggles as if she were me. I was so relieved. The stress I was feeling thinking I was failing, when others were succeeding melted away. My deep concern that I could not do this was eliminated when I read the responses to the gal’s post from others who cheered her on and told her she would make it.

But, the nagging issue with me was, I was unprepared for what I’m experiencing. I wish my team would have better prepared me for the struggle.

However, I wonder if they had painted the picture of what might be if I would have decided to go forward with the surgery.

I’m still now wholly convinced I made the right decision, but there’s no turning back now. This is my reality, so I will focus on the encouragement of those others living this reality.

Hang tough. We’ll make it through.

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