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Jan 24

Weight-Loss Surgery Victories – Best When Shared

I savored many victories as I lost weight and my body shrank after surgery.  Victories such as fitting into the back seat of a car, flying comfortably in a center airplane seat, or shopping at a regular store rather than the big-and-tall outlet.  Most who have faced the battle of being a large person in …

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Jul 27

Identify Nutrition Needs After Weight Loss Surgery

Like many gastric bypass patients, I found reintroducing foods to my new stomach after surgery a challenge. After eating, I threw up a lot. Not every meal, but enough that I was able to identify patterns that caused the problem. Many times, I threw up when: I ate too much. My new stomach had a …

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Jul 21

Motivation for Pre and Post Weight Loss Surgery

I’ve been through two of my required six months of medically supervised weight loss appointments with my doctor. I originally thought these six months were going to be a waste of time and were just the insurance company’s way of making it more difficult to get the surgery. So far, I’ve lost six pounds and …

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Jul 04

Use Tai Chi to Help Manage Your Body After Weight Loss Surgery

By William H. Streetman Gastric bypass is a tool to aid us in learning to manage our bodies – the food we put into them and the physical demands we make of them. The goal is successfully managing our weight, health and happiness. My success with weight loss and ongoing weight management is directly tied …

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May 29

Weight Loss Surgery Daily Motivationals – Things to Look Forward To

What can you do now, you couldn’t do when you were obese? What just spins your post-weight-loss-surgery wheels? What little things make you smile when you do them? Let’s build a list of our great lives today – compared to then – to motivate our friends and family who are considering walking out path. Today, …

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