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Feb 27

How Much Weight Will I Lose After Weight-Loss Surgery?

Determining your potential weight loss from weight-loss surgery is simple math, based on success data — averages for all procedures, not just gastric bypass. Gastric-bypass patients generally enjoy the most weight loss, even a little higher than the average used below. Results are based on your weight at two years post surgery. I enjoyed doing the …

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Feb 12

Eight Questions Five Months After Weight Loss Surgery

Back in Feb. of 2013, I had questions, lots of questions. I was just five months post weight-loss surgery and although I’d paid incredibly good attention during my six month educational period there was so much to remember and learn. I also experienced some challenges post-op that threw me for a loop. I wrote down …

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Jan 26

Satiety. Huh? Reduce Calorie Intake by Managing Hunger

During my morning research session today, I came across a word I didn’t know — satiety. Huh? What the heck is that? It was used in a description of a recipe that used protein powder as a replacement for other ingredients. You know the gig — gotta have that protein. Further exploration revealed satiety is a buzzword …

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Jul 21

Motivation for Pre and Post Weight Loss Surgery

I’ve been through two of my required six months of medically supervised weight loss appointments with my doctor. I originally thought these six months were going to be a waste of time and were just the insurance company’s way of making it more difficult to get the surgery. So far, I’ve lost six pounds and …

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May 29

First Choice – Family Doctor or Bariatric Clinic for the Months of Weight Loss Surgery Prep

So, you’re considering weight loss surgery and your insurance company requires you to go through several months of preparation before you can be approved for the procedure. Your weight loss surgery preparation choices are: Work with a weight management group and endure a least one 60- to 90- minute class, with people you don’t know, …

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