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Jan 24

Weight-Loss Surgery Victories – Best When Shared

I savored many victories as I lost weight and my body shrank after surgery.  Victories such as fitting into the back seat of a car, flying comfortably in a center airplane seat, or shopping at a regular store rather than the big-and-tall outlet.  Most who have faced the battle of being a large person in …

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Jul 18

Post Weight-Loss Surgery Clothes Shopping — Are You a Fashionista?

For years, hell decades, I: Bought big shirts that hung out over my elastic waistband pants Never bought a dress Lost all desire to wear makeup or try to look great Hated to go to outside events — unless I could wear stretch jeans and a big denim shirt I felt this way, right up to …

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May 29

Weight Loss Surgery Daily Motivationals – Things to Look Forward To

What can you do now, you couldn’t do when you were obese? What just spins your post-weight-loss-surgery wheels? What little things make you smile when you do them? Let’s build a list of our great lives today – compared to then – to motivate our friends and family who are considering walking out path. Today, …

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