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Mar 13

You Have to Stop Losing Weight, NOW

“You have to stop losing weight,” my nurse said. “If you lose any more your insurance may not approve your surgery.” The date was my four-month visit, of my six-month pre-gastric-bypass-surgery program. The problem was my BMI (body mass index) and the success I was having with my supervised pre-op program. I’d lost weight, which was necessary for …

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May 29

First Choice – Family Doctor or Bariatric Clinic for the Months of Weight Loss Surgery Prep

So, you’re considering weight loss surgery and your insurance company requires you to go through several months of preparation before you can be approved for the procedure. Your weight loss surgery preparation choices are: Work with a weight management group and endure a least one 60- to 90- minute class, with people you don’t know, …

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Mar 25

Biggest Hurdles of Weight Loss Surgery are Psychological

I am fortunate in that my insurance doesn’t have the number of requirements for bariatric surgery many other insurance companies do. So far, there hasn’t been a mention of the six-months of medically supervised weight loss most require, even though I ask about it every time I speak to the insurance company. But, I have …

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