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Name: Laurie Lee Dovey
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LLD is a writer, photographer, marketing and media consultant, hunter, angler, RVer, sports nut, poker player, and wife.

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Sep 21

How Many Calories Should I Eat Pre-Weight-Loss Surgery

When my dietitian said, “You’re eating about 1,700 calories (my BMR) a day to maintain your (heavy) weight. We need to reduce that by 500 calories daily so you’re able to lose weight during the six-month, pre-op program,” I groaned. Wow, 1,200 calories? I didn’t want to diet. Been there, done that. But, I had …

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Apr 06

Calorie Calculator to Help Maintain, Lose or Gain Weight After Weight-Loss Surgery

The calorie calculators shown below will help you determine a baseline for how many calories you need daily to: maintain current weight lose weight gain weight Visit with your dietitian/nutritionist before attempting to lose or gain weight. Other issues, beyond food/calorie intake may exist. If you don’t have a nutritionist/dietitian, your surgeon or hospital can certainly make recommendations/referrals. …

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Apr 02

Lying to Yourself is Living Dangerously – After Weight-Loss Surgery

Liar, liar, pants on fire . . . . . . Mine are burning up. When we fall off the wagon or sneak a little snack and fail to acknowledge our action, we’re basically lying to ourselves. And, we put ourselves right back into the danger zone that we lived pre surgery. What’s making me write …

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Mar 23

11 Smart, Basic, Bariatric-Eating Tips

  Argh, my tummy hurts. Why did I eat (enter your bad habit here). Are you prone to falling into pre-surgery eating habits? Eat too fast, skip meals, inhale rather than chew. If I’m honest, I have to admit I sure do. That means a a back-to-basics reminder is in order. 11 Commonly Forgotten or Ignored …

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Mar 13

You Have to Stop Losing Weight, NOW

“You have to stop losing weight,” my nurse said. “If you lose any more your insurance may not approve your surgery.” The date was my four-month visit, of my six-month pre-gastric-bypass-surgery program. The problem was my BMI (body mass index) and the success I was having with my supervised pre-op program. I’d lost weight, which was necessary for …

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