Gastric Bypass Surgery is a Journey

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a Lifetime Journey.

This website is focused on anyone who has made a commitment to weight loss or who is considering, preparing for or having gastric bypass surgery, as well as those who are living the healthy lifestyle post surgery.

No matter where you are on your journey, welcome.


  • Changing our lives
  • Getting our lives back, and
  • Increasing the odds of living longer

The blogs/posts, information on this site come from those experiencing gastric bypass surgery and/or a weight loss program and the commitments required to go through the process.

Authors are not physicians nor medical professionals.

At Gastric Bypass Jourals, you’re simply hearing about the successes, challenges, and yes, even failures of folks just like you.

We all know support is critical to success, so this is the place to get it and give it.

Here’s to living the healthy lifestyle.


Contact Gastric Bypass Journals:  lld @ gastricbypassjournals dot com


Important Notice: No information shared here should be considered medical advise. At no time use the information here before consulting with your personal physician. GastricBypassJournals.com, its owners, authors and contributors accept no responsibility for any site visitor’s personal health.

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